The current course is directed towards introducing and familiarizing students with theoretical knowledge and practical skills of the business organization realm. By the completion of this course students will have gained understanding of the nature of organization in general and business in particular and of the role and functions of management. The course introduces the evolution of management theory the different kinds of managers, the basic managerial skills, and the basic managerial roles. Further the students are introduced to the interplay between organizations and their social, political, legal and cultural environments, and the contemporary challenges that organizations and managers face.

Upon completion of this course students will be able to:

1. Explain the term “management” and define the management evolution theory.

2. Adapt an appropriate managing style to achieve desired outcomes.

3. Understand the framework, policies and importance of management.

4. Demonstrate a clear understanding of the legal, ethical, social responsibility and diversity in a business environment and the manager’s role.

5. Define the organizational environment and its effectiveness from management perspective.

6. Provide the contemporary issues in management and identify leadership processes.